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Newly Listed On CoinMarketCap: Check Out PAWS Funds, MFIT Coin, CoinToGo, CruiseBit Part 2


This is the second segment of our weekly column covering newly listed coins on We will continue to urge the global crypto community to get acquainted with these new projects so you can make prudent investment decisions.


PAWS claims they are building more than just another masternode/crypto project but a global brand with masternodes only as the backbone. “Earlier today at block 10,001 we effectively created our self-funding charity by utilising the technology of Blockchain we have created an auto donation system with full public transparency,” Ian Cubitt, co-founder and CEO of PAWS revealed.

The mission of PAWS is to provide animals with the basic necessities for a happy and healthy life, including love and care. At first, the vision of PAWS was primarily focused on care and support for dogs and cats, but progressively extended outwards to wildlife and also endangered species.

“We are using the latest version direct from PIVX for stability and security,” Cubitt said about the underlying technology. “A lot of projects fork from other projects for ease of use. This is more like a copy and paste and can carry over any issues or vulnerabilities that could be in the code.”

Their technology includes a public tracking tool where a user will be able to sign up for their own account and login to make donations to approved charities in the system. Interestingly, donors will be able to see exactly where their money is going.

Cubitt estimates that in the next 5 years or less, PAWS will be everywhere in the World. In fact, that plan is described in a separate document apart from their whitepaper.

“We would like to thank everyone that has invested or contributed to PAWS so far. In only one week we have achieved more than a lot of other projects manage in their lifetime and from here we plan to grow and increase our development,” the CEO told the PAWS community.

He also asked the community to hold their PAWS tight and give them a few months to deliver on what they have promised. “There are a lot of good times ahead and we can envision 2019 to be a great year for PAWS,” he said.


MFIT coin is a masternode coin that rewards loyalty with a large network of affiliate gyms, fight event organisers, 500 fighters, 12,000 gym members and over 100k social media fans. “We are designing fitness-related apps, online store and even our own range of supplements with MFIT coin usable for the purchase of gym membership, merchandise, flight tickets, etc,” said Paul Teo, Co-founder at MFIT.

Its underlying technology is a Proof of Stake and Masternodes with a Quark Algorithm. MFIT Coin masternodes are essentially decentralized nodes that host a wallet with a collateralized amount of MFIT coins. The Masternodes performed essential tasks like adding layers of privacy to transactions,
stabilizing the network and increasing network transaction speed.

The creators insist MFIT is ready for immediate adoption as the network is “our own”. They have also tied up with a GMP factory to begin producing supplements from next year under the brand, MFIT and they will sponsor an MMA fight event with coins this month.

When Teo was asked about where he sees MFIT in the next five years, this was his response:

“As crypto becomes more mainstream over the next 5 years, MFIT Coin can be a premier crypto in the global wellness industry. Basically, we will be creating more apps, products and services to increase organic demand for the coin.”

He assured the community all should be up and running soon and
holders can expect great things to come. Then, he was of the opinion that the numerous projects they are initiating will increase the demand for the coin and it will moon soon.

CoinToGo (2GO)

2GO is a coin focused on usability with easy access for everyone. “Many cryptocurrencies are technically difficult to handle and therefore not interesting for the mass-market. Our goal is to simplify the usage process that it is easy for anyone to own and use 2GO,” Patrick, a co-founder of CoinToGo maintained.

According to Patrick, the demand for apps and smart applications has grown rapidly in recent years and with 2GO’s app, the combination of blockchain and augmented reality will provide groundbreaking opportunities. New instant pay solutions, especially in the gaming area, are being planned.

The combination of these options, as well as ensuring privacy and security standards are the next steps in the 2GO project.
“Our goal for 2GO is to combine all of this into one multifunctional app couple with Innovative interfaces designed to easily integrate and connect other business models and projects in our blockchain,” Patrick announced.

2GO’s underlying technology is Proof of Stake which the team believe With will create the opportunity for every owner of 2GO to stake and get passive income. Patrick explained that with their blockchain technology, it is possible to carry out many transactions in the shortest possible time. and CoinToGo stands for green mining, smart applications, augmented reality and innovative app technologies

In the next five years, CoinToGo wants to be many transactions since everyone has a Smartphone. “CoinToGo will give this possibility for the users with smart APIs and we want to connect Apps through our Blockchain and give them the opportunity to use it as a payment method,” he speculated.

To the 2GO community, he had this to say:

“We are a good team and have skills in many areas. We do our best to make CoinToGo a success. The market for blockchain payments in connection with smart APIs for smartphones is huge and we will be a part of it.”

Cruisebit (CRBT)

Cruisebit iѕ creating a new era of Travel Experience by launching its Online platforms. It will use CRBT Currency for making secure and faster payments. “Our holders can book flight tickets, hotel bookings and Many other utilities with CRBT,” a team member related to CWS.

The underlying technology is Proof of Stake built on the Ethereum Blockchain. According to the team member who spoke to CWS, they chose Ethereum to take full advantage of their smart contract features.

Cruisebit’s Ambition Is to Work in Web Portal, E-Commerce and Gaming with Safe and Secure Blockchain Technology in the coming years. The team is optimist the network will be a global brand in the next five years.

This was the message the team member conveyed to the Cruisebit community:

“Our holders will get very great returns and earn with us…We will never let them down like other fake coins. We ensure trust And reliability in the Crypto Market.”

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