Top 25 Best Data Entry Job: Earn Money Without Any Investment

by Coinworldstory

What Is Data Entry Job?

Data entry is the process of transferring or converting or changing or processing data from one form to another form. Data entry jobs are done manually or automatically depending on the complexity of the work.Online data entry jobs are one of the best online jobs to make money on the internet without investment. Unlike other online jobs like paid surveys & freelance work, finding a reliable online data entry job is a milestone because most of the data entry sites are scammers. The main goal of these sites is to collect registration fees and cheat people. There are several real data entry job provider companies and sites available on the internet which is hidden on search results by spam blogs and scam companies. This article will help you to understand various legitimate data entry jobs available on the internet and find a best data entry jobs to earn money online without investing any cash.Manual Data Entry experts are in high demand today because of rampant digitization. 

What Skills Are Needed for Online Data Entry Jobs?

Fortunately, data entry is one of those things that you can become skilled at with some practice.

You don’t necessarily need a lot of skills to become a data entry operator, nor do you need a college education.

However, there are definitely some skills that can help move you further in your data entry career much faster, like:

  • Fast typing skills. Most data entry jobs require a typing speed of 50 words per minute (WPM) or more, mistake-free.
  • Good attention to detail. Data entry jobs rely on you accurately entering information. Small mistakes can have significant consequences.
  • Research skills. Some data entry jobs require you to be able to find specific information on the internet to be entered into documents or spreadsheets.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office tools. MS Word and Excel, especially, are used frequently in data entry tasks.
  • Organization and multi-tasking abilities. You’ll need to keep your projects extremely organized, and, if you’re completing multiple projects at once, separated.
  • Overall basic computer knowledge. You must know the basics of using a computer, where to find things, and how to use the internet.

Additionally, you should have a dedicated phone line, should you decide to turn data entry into a full-time business from home. This will open up your ability to communicate with clients, if needed, and conduct data research for your projects.

You’ll also need a reliable computer, preferably one built within the last couple of years, and a high-speed internet connection.

Examples of various data entry jobs:

  • Physical to digital data entry is the most common type of data entry job. Entering data from books/paper to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Star office are some examples.
  • Image to text data entry job. Entering text, numbers, symbol appear on the image into given software is an example of an image to text data entry job.
  • Format conversion like PDF to Microsoft Word and vice versa is the best example. Now, these data processing are automated. PDF & notepad to MS excel data entry work is available in more numbers. 
  • Voice to text data entry jobs. This is also called as transcription, where the sound has to be converted into written form.
  • Language translation is also a kind of data entry job, where the documents are converted from one language to another language.
  • Content writing is a reliable online job. Writing articles using our knowledge and experience can help us to earn more money.
  • Micro-tasks are tiny data processing projects where data are processed to form useful information.
Types of data entry jobs:
  • There are two types of data entry jobs, online data entry, and offline data entry.
  • Working for a client or a company online with an active internet connection is called online data entry job.
  • Working for a client or a company with or without internet connection using software that doesn’t require an active internet connection is called as offline data entry job.
How to find legitimate data entry job provider companies and sites:
  • The procedure to find legitimate online data entry job provider companies is given below and here are the few tips to find fake data entry sites.
  • Genuine companies will never collect registration fees from workers. Usually, job posting sites might collect fees from advertisers and not employees.
  • Sites with colorful layout and payment proof will be scam data entry companies. Business class sites will be neat & simple and they won’t post any payment proofs.
  • Refer scam adviser sites to learn the history of the company. Try to be on safer side by not trying new sites.
Top 30 real online data entry jobs, sites, and companies:
These are the best sites/companies to find data entry jobs without investment. The first part is the list of data entry job provider sites and the second part contain job ideas.
  1. Guru –Guru is another freelance job bidding website that has a separate category for data entry jobs.Sign up for Guru, complete your profile, and you can start searching for data entry jobs that meet your interests, experience, and desired rate. – JobBoy is a microtask job board website where you can browse, or add your own, small task for free.

Some of the tasks include downloading an app or signing up for a website, but sometimes you’ll find data entry tasks.

The small jobs won’t pay much, but if you have good time management and can complete several within a couple of hours, your compensation will add up quickly.

3. Freelancer 

Freelancer is a bidding site for freelance jobs. You can find plenty of open data entry jobs from clients who need your help. Clients will propose a fixed or hourly rate, and you can create a bid accordingly.

4.Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk has what it calls “HITs”, or Human Intelligence Tasks. These HITs are basically small, quick jobs that can earn you anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per task.

Most often, you’ll be doing things like researching contact e-mail addresses on websites, or finding and entering specific information from photos of receipts.


Headquarters: New York, New York

Nielsen is an international performance management, information, and measurement company providing its clients with a comprehensive understanding of what consumers are buying and watching. Nielsen’s mission is t…


As a Microworker, you’ll choose from a number of small micro-tasks and get compensated for your time.

The website has several categories of tasks, with those interested in data entry focusing more on image categorization, ads monitoring, hotel research, image tagging, and more.

You can request a payout once you earn $9, which will be transferred to your PayPal account.


OneSpace is a website for businesses to compile a digital work team. Companies will offer online tasks, data entry included, in the freelance work pool for freelancers to accept. Once your work is approved, you can get paid immediately.


As a Solver with ShortTask, you’ll complete small tasks posted by Seekers. The tasks vary, but usually involve filling out short forms or quick web research. The website operates similarly to Amazon Mechanical Turk, but doesn’t offer as many jobs.


SigTrack doesn’t always accept new data entry operators, but continue to check back, as it reopens its positions throughout the year.

As a SigTrack freelancer, you’ll be responsible for digitally entering voter registrations and petition signatures.

You’ll receive a percentage of the base value of your work, depending on how accurate you are. Pays via PayPal.

10.Smart Locating

Smart Locating occasionally opens up positions for online data entry operators.

You’ll be responsible for researching apartment complexes and entering their specifications to be included in apartment databases.


Upwork is possibly the fastest-growing freelance bidding website, with hundreds to thousands of new jobs posted daily.

Search the Data Entry category for tasks that meet your interests.

Upwork charges a fee per “milestone” completed, but the fee lowers the longer that you remain working with a specific client.


Xerox has been opening up several virtual positions in recent years, including data entry specialist positions.

The company will occasionally have openings for data entry/verification, and you can check its Xerox@Home page for open positions.

13.The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd, formerly known as Virtual Bee, from Lionbridge is another small task website perfect for data entry work.

You’ll be looking at things like numerical values, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, or dates, and adding them to a database.

Most tasks pay per a certain number of keystrokes, such as 20 cents per 1,000 keystrokes. You’ll get paid monthly, and it seems that you need a Dwolla account for payment.


This company has occasional positions for data entry operators, ranging from entry level to high experienced. Data entry operators may complete tasks such as entering data from scanned files or entering data from surveys into an online database.


Indeed is one of the best job board websites for finding companies that have online job opportunities.

Use the “What” box to search “data entry”, and the “Where” box to search “remote” or “home based”.

This will provide you with online data entry job listings in a variety of different fields.

You can even use the Experience Level filter, on the left side of the screen, to narrow down your results, based on your experience.

16.Great American Opportunities

Great American Opportunities focuses on selling fundraisers.

It focuses much of its hiring on its sales team, but also hires independent contractors for seasonal data entry work.

17.Axion Data Entry Services

Axion allows you to register to be contacted when openings for data entry operators are available with its new clients.

The company only hires independent contractors and requires a background check before you’re accepted.

Small tasks range from 4-8 cents each, while more complex tasks can range from $5 to $9 per document.

Axion pays via PayPal, every two weeks when you invoice them.


Clickworker has several types of data entry jobs available, such as data categorization, data tagging, and web research.

You can work on your own time, choosing from the available pool of tasks.

On average, most Clickworkers make about $9 per hour, but this depends on hours worked and the complexity of chosen tasks.

Your earnings are available after 7 days, and you can transfer your earnings to your bank account or PayPal.

19.Capital Typing

Capital Typing offers data entry services, in addition to several other services, to its clients.

You can contact the company via the contact form on its website to inquire about its openings for data entry operators.

20.DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions seeks out independent contractors to provide data entry services to its clients.

You’ll be working part time, and may be managing a few projects at one time.

Once you submit your application, you must wait at least 90 days before submitting another one.

The company will contact you if it feels you’re a good fit.


  • Snagajob is one of the largest online and offline part time job provider site in USA. They provide over four million part time jobs per month to job seekers.
  • Snagajob is the best place to find both online and offline data entry jobs. Job seekers can join Snagajob without paying any registration fees and can apply for all the jobs that match their profile.
  • To find data entry job on Snagajob, you can make use of the search filters available on it. Also, you can use the location filter to find data entry job available in your area.

22. 2Captcha:

  • 2Captcha is an online image to text conversion data entry job provider site which is also called as captcha solving job.
  • The worker will be paid for each correct image to text conversion.
  • When the members turn on working interface, the image will load on it. They have to enter the text/numbers given on the image inside the text box under it.


  • Fiverr is the one of the world’s largest digital product and service selling marketplace where anything can be sold worldwide for a minimum of $5.
  • You can sell your data entry skills for $5 or more based on the complexity of the project.
  • To work on Fiverr selling data entry projects it is not easy like you do on sites mentioned above. You must have exceptional skills in order to attract potential clients. Look at the image below, an example of sellers selling data entry services on Fiverr.
  • After buying the service, the clients will be asked to review your service. One to few bad review is enough to ruin your Fiverr business. So, use Fiverr only if you know what are you capable of and what you’re going to do.

24.Copy & Paste Jobs:

Here you copy data from one file and paste it to another. Basically it will be a word document or excel spreadsheet. You don’t have to type much but you have to read a lot hence knowledge of English is important.


Captioning is more advanced because here you write headings and captions for news headline or an image. This job is required by media industry like News channel. Captioning jobs are very rare to find.

Micro Jobs like Captcha solving is not well paid. So don’t take it if you want to be a serious data entry worker.

Further Tips

Opportunities in the manual data entry sector are endless.

I hope you find your online assignments in one or more of the above mentioned data entry websites. Please note that it’s not advisable to go for the sites that ask for a huge signup fee or registration charges. However, it is okay to go for an online numeracy test required for the job.

Many data entry sites in countries like India or Philippines are mere feeder services to bigger agencies like the one listed here. It is better to sign up directly with bigger ones than going via such agents because at the end your pay get affected.

Due to the imbalance in supply v/s demand of data entry skills, there may be times when you don’t find immediate opportunities. It is better that you register with the above websites and await the right opportunities. At the same time, you may fine tune your skills and try to get some recommendations and testimonials about your past work. This will definitely add value in finding the right assignments and get better hourly rates.

Good luck with your Data Entry job hunt online!

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Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.

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