Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: Welcome PAXOS, DACH, MNPCoin, GENE, Bethereum Part 2

by Frisco d'Anconia

Severally, mainstream media has pronounced cryptocurrencies dead especially the first market mover, Bitcoin. Yet, those who believe in this space continue to work hard building crypto products and services to solve humanities numerous problems.

On a daily basis, new cryptocurrencies with different hallmarks and varieties of use cases are released on the market. They all come to address a diverse malaise facing humanity.

At Coin World Story, we always urge our readers to do a better job of understanding this ecosystem before entering it. It is therefore imperative to know where you are putting your money by getting to know the new entrants to the market


Paxos Standard Token (PAX)

Paxos is a Trust company, regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services, with deep experience as an intermediary between fiat and digital assets. Paxos Standard is the first digital asset issued by a financial institution and is fully collateralized by USD.

According to Charles Cascarilla, CEO and co-founder, Paxos Standard™ token (PAX) is the first token issued directly by a regulated Trust company, and the first token specifically approved for issuance by a regulatory body (the New York State Department of Financial Services). Unlike other stablecoins, Paxos Standard is pegged to and fully collateralized by United States dollar deposits.

The Paxos Standard follows the ERC20 protocol as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. “While the initial issuance of a token and redemption of tokens for PAX occur through Paxos, any other transactions in PAX follow the smart contract written to the ERC20 specification, relying on the providence of the network rather than any middleman,” Cascarilla maintained.

He announced that in the future, Paxos Standard can aid in the frictionless mobility and fast settlement of an asset—not just digital assets—but physical assets that become digitized, such as commodities, securities, real estate and eventually, even more, esoteric assets like fine art and collectables. Furthermore, they are going to target payments processors, financial institutions, large multinational corporations seeking lower fees on cross-border internal transactions, and large retailers, leading to increased consumer interest.

To the PAX community, Cascarilla stressed that in just a few weeks, customers and partners have responded eagerly, and the company has made traction quickly with over $15 Million issued in PAX within just the first three weeks. “Paxos aims to bring trust and transparency to the digital asset market,” said Cascarilla. “As a Trust company, Paxos is a fiduciary and qualified custodian of customer funds, offering greater protections for customer assets than any other existing stablecoin.”


The vision of DACH is to project the standards within cryptosphere. The Dach team indicated that the project is going to be like CoinMarketCap but with a lot more features. “So we are now developing the DACH EX platform which is a cryptotracker with a lot of features. We are also investigating to integrate all to our own DACH Exchange,” A Spokesman for DACH told CWS.

It was also revealed by the Spokesperson that the underlying technology is PHP OOP based and secured by AWS Amazon, offering a secure and powerful connection between people worldwide and the Platform. “Their payments Gateway will also be secured over Coinpayments – a company specialized in Crypto Payments for years.

In the next five years, the project’s main concern is to integrate an exchange into the platform with BTC/ETH pairs as the main payment option for other projects to advertise on and pay listing fees for the exchange.

This is the message the Spokesman sent to the DACH community:
“Everyone is witnessing that we are ahead of schedule and already thinking about the next step which isn’t mentioned yet on the roadmap. So the message for our holders is HODL and get rewarded in the long run…!”


MNPCoin was designed as a form of payment for services on and many other affiliate partner websites. Currently, the creators are working on expanding the partnership network to increase usability and will be adding some improvements to the various services including an upgrade to

MNPCoin is a PIVX Fork with Quark Algorithm using Proof of Stake / Masternode. (Masternodes 60% MNP / Staking 40% MNP). “The reward is now 10 MNPCoin and the Block Time is 60 seconds. The Reward goes down to 5 MNP after one year,” MNP_Mike, a Team Member mentioned this to CWS. aims to become the premium all-inclusive Masternodes service and information destination. They intend to give their customers all kinds of data on every Masternodes project that chooses to list with them in the next coming five years.

MNP_Mike asserted that his outfit always researches all projects and check the listed projects on a weekly basis to make sure the communities are alive. “We want to protect all investors and Masternode users from scams or dead projects. The MNPCoin is an important part of this network, as we have created the service before creating the coin,” he said.

The spokesperson thanked all holders for their trust and pledged the team will do everything they can to further the project. Drawing on the usability of MNPCoin, he stated how their early investors trust MNPCoin.

Gene Source Code Chain (GENE)

Gene Source Code Chain System is creating the world’s first and largest distributed storage network of blockchain system that will provide an integrated genetic and individual health data interface for medical service providers. It will as well provide a platform for chronic disease management agencies, and health consulting service providers to build dApps.

“We are working on our mainnet, which is based on three innovative technologies: a mixed consensus algorithm called Athena, a novel proof of storage algorithm called Apollo, and a data authorization mechanism called Pegasus,” Jovan K, a spokesperson for the project informed CWS. Their dApp which is in the building process is on EOS.

It is the target of GENE to bring the price of whole genome sequencing (WGS) to less than $100 per person, and more people will start to make health decisions based on their personalized health dataset, which will include genomic data in half a decade. People can then authorize their data to be anonymously shared with commercial or research institutes for a specific purpose, or get involved in crowdsourcing healthcare projects focused on eliminating diseases.

In a message to the GENE community, Jovan K said that the team is based in China, which has a long history of maintaining health without medication, so the overall mission is not to find new medications to treat disease but to eradicate the disease through health data sharing and research.

Bethereum (BETHER)

Bether is the digital token powering Bethereum, a social betting platform and it is the currency behind every transaction, such as the financial reward paid to external developers for their games, and the fuel enabling key platform processes. Their vision is to develop a broad B2C and B2B ecosystem and establish the BETHER token as a global betting standard. Players will be able to obtain the tokens on major exchanges or in return for fiat and other cryptocurrencies through the Bethereum wallet services.

Speaking to CWS, Giacomo Tognoni, CEO of Bethereum, explained that BETHER was built on top of Ethereum because it is the most credible solution due to the broad adoption and community support, Smart Contract technology, and active development. As an ERC-223 utility token, it is fully compliant with the popular ERC-20 standard and provides a number of security and efficiency improvements.

“In five years’ time, we expect to be one of the very leading blockchain-based operations in the market, with a broad consumer and business base, and solid revenue and profitability,” Tognoni declared. Moreover, they want to build a reputation which represents a fairest and most community-friendly company in the business.

“We have always believed in the power of our community, and we will continue to respect and serve our supporters and users, indefinitely,” he to the Bethereum community. Tognoni further mentioned his team believe they can bring something truly unique and innovative to the betting business (crypto or otherwise) with solid customer and community focus as the strategic pillars expecting to seize a meaningful share of the massive betting market worth over 500 billion USD per year.

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