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Weekly Roundup: Markets Are Still In Bad Shape


Markets trend are still on the downside and last week wasn’t on the bright side though it wasn’t terrible like the previous week. On, overall, only two digital currencies on the top 10 were fruitful in the whole week.

When everybody thought Bitcoin will cross the $7000 threshold on Friday, it tumbles down to the lower range of $6000. However, it managed to pull itself up a bit.

As at Midnight GMT+2 on Sunday, the Market Capitalization of all Cryptocurrencies stood at $215 Billion. A far cry from the $800 Billion at the end of December last year.

Gainers At A Glance

Market leader Bitcoin garnered 3.70 percent for the week with a performance that can be likened to a pendulum. After another setback of an ETF disapproval by the SEC, its price was $6711.59.

Tether made a slight upward adjustment for the week with 0.01 percentage point to join BTC as the only two coins to see green. The selling price was $1 and it is the 8th most valuable Cryptocurrency.

How They Lost

With 8.96 percent decline, Cardano was the highest loser on top10. At the 9th position, the prevailing market price at the time of going to the press was $0.092749.

Smart Contract Pioneer ETH was nothing to write home about. It also bagged a miserable 8.70 percent downgrade to sell at $274.41 to become the 2nd largest loser.

Bitcoin Cash price was pegged at $519.91 but it also dropped 8.46 percent. The Bitcoin Hard Fork has actually lost the third position to XRP to become number four.

Moreover, XRP threw away 5.67 percent of its total value to sell at $0.324169. The bank transfer Blockchain wasn’t spared the turbulence despite dislodging BCH from the 3rd spot.

EOS slumped 5.67 percent but maintained the 5th rank. The exchanges listed the price at $4.95.

Stellar Lumen wasn’t saved either as it sank 5.36 percent to sell at $0.213939. The micro-transfer Blockchain is number six on CoinMarketCap.

Anon Crypto Monero is lying at the bottom of top 10 and decayed by 2.94 percentage point to sell at $95.06.

Silver of Crypto, Litecoin recorded the least depreciation when it succumbed to 1.16 shrink of its market cap. Charlie Lee’s creation could be bought at $57.15 and placed 7th.

Nano Kept Hope Alive

In the middle of the gloom and doom, number 22 listed Nano rose as tall as 101.78 percent in the week. Indeed, it is a remarkable feat for we are in hard times. Worthy of me as well is 82nd placed Substratum which also grew by 57.52 percent.

This article is writing on 27 Aug 2018 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: Or Whatsapp Us- +13098896258

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Frisco d'Anconia
Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.


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