Newly Listed Coins on CoinMarketCap: Check Out XRT, DragonEx, FANTOM, DarkPayCoin, VisionX, Provoco Part 1

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CWS is featuring some of the newly listed coins on CoinMarketeCap for the week, and we are urging all to familiarize themselves with them. As we have always maintained, it is better to understand the technology behind it before you put your money in.

So far, there are 2089 Cryptos on the market. They have their unique features and the problems they can solve. Don’t be a victim of the miscreants, educate yourself, friends and families.

XRT Token (XRT)

XRT is a cryptocurrency which wants to facilitate payments in the food and beverages sector. “As the F&B sector plays a huge role in the world’s economy someone must be there to connect this part with blockchain technology,” said Sagar Dewani, CTO at XRT.

Moreso, the network’primary goal is the Food and Beverage sector but they would not be limited to this one as blockchain and crypto have no limits. They are also going to explore every aspect where XRT could be utilized.

According to Dewani, the ERC20 protocol was fallen on as the underlying technology because it provides better security, high level of transparency and fast transaction processing. Moreover, it is their position the Ethereum Blockchain has low transaction cost possibility, easier to manage and accessible to the world.

“In the next few years XRT will become the primary option to use as payment for the food and beverage industry or related works as we will forge partnerships with food giants,” he revealed. “There are plans to work with small and medium enterprises that are connected with the food industry directly or indirectly to achieve our dream of utilising blockchain technology using XRT in the F&B sector around the globe as well.”

Dewan acknowledged the current market condition is very bitting for all the cryptocurrencies including XRT, however, holders always wins, once the market regains its strength. “We will introduce our business plan to strengthen the XRT value as already a huge amount is under holding so no one have to worry about current market soon good news will spread in the world,” he told the XRT community.

DragonEx Token (DT)

DragonEx is a tokenized Cryptocurrency exchange offering various services and benefits. “Users of the DT platform enjoy dividends and besides, all DragonEx revenues are shared across the circulating DT supply,” a Team Member informed CWS.

DT’s underlying technology is an ERC20 standard. “The reason why we chose ERC20 is that its decentralized nature makes it immune to fraud and hacking activities and It has an impressive transaction speed, which can process transactions in 12 seconds. It allows us to build and execute smart contracts and Distributed Autonomous Applications (DApps) without censorship, downtime, or any third-party involvement,” the team member related.

The DT team thinks the next five years is too far to estimate or make any comment but according to their pre-published plans and DT smart contract, the DT mining difficulty will increase, and the daily tokens being added to the circulating supply will reduce by half. The platform also plans to completely transition into a decentralized exchange.

The team has this message for the DT community:

“Our dear users, your participation in our community and exchange entitles you to our full support and commitment. Your stake in DT (Dragon Token) further entitles you to participate in all our other benefits, from financial based rewards to exclusive project participation to many more bonuses yet to come. We have never once compromised our core values and are very satisfied with what we have accomplished for our users, but we are never satisfied to stand still. You can rest assured we will continue to find those ways and thanks for your support.”

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is building a DAG-based smart contract platform that’s striving to solve the scalability trilemma. “But we don’t think that is truly enough to succeed in this space, that’s why we’re signing off many enterprise partnerships and we’re mainly focussed on the real world adoption of Fantom,” James Zain, Team Member of FTM pointed out. “We’re talking to governments, large conglomerates, banks, telecom, food tech, and software companies such as Oracle.”

The underlying technology is directed acyclic graph and with the unique consensus protocol which they call the Lachesis Protocol. Theoretically, it can achieve over 300,000 TPS, and they have tested the testnet over 1000 nodes. It is also asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant, which is the golden standard of security.

On what are their plans for the next five years, Zain said:

“We want to bring Fantom to the real world within 1 year, Not five years. We have already signed payment infrastructure partners, energy partners, and cloud storage partners, to help us achieve our goals. And we will look to go global in the months and year to come.”

Zain relayed the Fantom team’s message to the community by expressing their love and appreciation for supporting them through thick and thin. “We will never forget you, and we will keep ourselves engaged with you guys,” he stated.

DarkPayCoin (DKPC)

DarkPayCoin is a privacy-focused masternode/PoSv3 coin that is 100% community governed. From budgets to features, everything is decided through DarkPayCoin’s DAO. Masternode holders are highly incentivized with a high ROI as well. True community governance is what makes DarkPayCoin’s difference in the crypto market.

“On the governance side, DarkPayCoin uses masternodes in order to ensure a frictionless DAO that truly gives power to the community,” SidV, a Community Manager at DKPC maintained. “On the privacy side, DarkPayCoin is Tor ready and has ZeroCoin protocol enabled, because we believe that privacy is a right, not a privilege.”

In the next five years, the project wants to be seen as the base currency of a censorship-free and decentralized global ecosystem.

SidV expressed his outfit’s deep-felt gratitude to the entire DarkPayCoin Community. “Thank you for your support, and don’t forget to vote,” he urged the community.

VisionX (VNX)

VNX was incubated by DeepBrain Chain and it has a strong focus on AI development and integration rather than the Blockchain side of things. “DBC is developing the main chain for which we will migrate to and in the meantime, we have already started rolling out and working with clients to showcase the application,” Rhyan Cook, Global Community and Market Development at VNX explained.

The project is of the opinion that the hindrance to Crypto adoption is scam and scepticism. However, in their case, they believe they have already pushed for adoption because their AI models back it up.

“We have what’s called Dataonomy (SM), which we hope grows into an X-Industry development tool, allowing manufacturers or businesses to share data that may otherwise sit idle,” Cook described. “This data is then identified and archived ready to be integrated with a solution specific to a customer’s needs, we’re turning low-value data around and giving it value, this is our ‘mining’ mechanism to incentivize that cross-industry collaboration.”

It is their hope that in the next five years the AI and computing demands of their clients will be far greater than they are now and every business would want to gain a competitive advantage and this is a specific area that offers just that. “AI development and usage will likely be prevalent within our everyday life in ways that we currently don’t see. And I think it’s this mainstream adoption as well as big business that will allow AI to thrive at an exponential rate,” he predicted.

Cook asked the community to stay up to date, active and critical since Crypto is a great place for communities to push development and provide feedback. “We’re not perfect, but together we are greater as a whole. I think there is a great opportunity for all people to get involved and help push VisionX in the right direction,” he concluded.


Provoco is building the world’s first Blockchain based social challenge network. Its mission is to disintermediate incumbents like Facebook, Instagram and SNAP (that monetize their users’ data by selling it to advertisers) and give the power and the potential to earn from your social activity on the platform by organising, participating, viewing and judging challenges -back to the users.

“The VOCO token is the heartbeat of the Provoco platform. This ERC20 based pure utility token is the currency of our closed-loop economy,” Andrius Kontrimavičius, CEO of Provoco apprised CWS. “VOCO is used to fund and promote challenges on the network and to reward those who fully engage.”

While VOCO is a social platform it is so much more than the likes of Facebook, Snap or Instagram. On these traditional platforms, the user is the product. The user’s data, their activity, their every move is monetized and targeted for advertising data, to sell their products and services they don’t need; and ultimately generate advertising revenue for billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg.

“Within the next five years, we expect Provoco to be one of the leaders of a new cohort of decentralized social networks that are going to disrupt the old guard,” the CEO speculated. “Existing users, Millennials, Generation Z and even governments are getting tired of the power, control and wealth generated by the existing social media giants with nothing contributed to the users or society.”

AKontrimavičius sent this message to the Provoco community:

Thank you to our thousands of early contributors for staying with us since day one, and thank you to the hundreds of new supporters, users and traders who have joined us since we listed in the exchanges! Stay tuned for developments on the platform and to learn how you can earn VOCO as a provider, consumer, and participant in the VOCO ecosystem.


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Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.

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